Tuesday, January 6, 2009


How do you capture a neighbourhood in pictures? This was the daunting task that greeted me this past weekend as I strolled the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I fell in love with the area upon first step out of the cab. Comprised of the prettiest view of Manhattan and the cutest boys, Williamsburg is not just a neighbourhood to spend three days in. Rather, I can picture myself spending weeks, months, years, MY LIFE among its bustling streets. I could tell you about Bagelsmith and its 12+ flavours of cream cheese. I could tell you about Daddy's and its wood-panelled walls and its hot dogs and its deejay and its instant warmth. I could tell you about the weekend flea market and the cute boy working the vintage booth. I could tell you about all the cyclists and all the dogs in pretty coats. But in the end, my words will fail to communicate everything that is Williamsburg.

So I hope instead that my pictures do the neighbourhood some sort of justice and show how the old meets the new all over Williamsburg. But one thing I know my pictures will forever be incapable of conveying is the lightness and hope those streets instilled inside of me.

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