Monday, January 12, 2009


Does romance still exist in the real life and not just on the big (or small) screen? Sometimes I still have my doubts, but then there are these small moments that make me think otherwise. Take for example my time spent gift wrapping this December. Late in the afternoon on the 24th, a man approached the booth looking quite nervous indeed. He proceeded to pick up his wrappped gifts while also shoving another wrapped box accompanied by a card into my co-worker's hands. He shyly smiled and then was gone. We all crowded around her, eager to see what the packages contained. The card thanked her for all her help, a message he followed up with his phone number and a gift card to Starbucks. But what amazed me most was the box of chocolates she held in her other hand. Now, I know the romance surrounding boxes of chocolates doesn't extend past cliche, but these chocolates came professionally wrapped in papers and bows from our rival gift wrapping booth. Yes, it may be a tad creepy, but I like to think the effort and care this man took was more sweet than anything.

Perhaps romance doesn't exist in grand gestures like purchased walls ala Pacey and Joey or rooftop Charlie Chapman ala Ben and Felicity, but for now I'm satisfied with boxes of chocolates wrapped at rival booths and a phone call you never actually believed would come.

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Martha said...

boys don't get it and women do too much and excuse too often.

we need diners and poodle skirts back. maybe then guys will comb their hair and try to impress us with leather jackets and cool cars. I'm not talking Grease, I'm talking the real-life-Grease.