Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the grey estates

Today I woke up early (for me) and so it was still relatively early when I left the house, and the sun was shining so bright, and I was listening to Wolf Parade (aren't I always?) and it suddenly felt like spring was just around the corner. I knew we still had (at least) another two months of snow and slush and more snow and more slush and dark afternoons and pink fingers ahead of us, but at that moment those two months felt like a breeze. Because I knew what waited me after those two months: a pale yellow sundress and an expectant patio, a glass of sangria and good conversation, falling asleep under park trees, romping around around around, a possible bike ride or two, slip-on shoes, THIS PORCH, a wombmate's eventual return in August, late nights turning into morning.

I also bought this the other day, and it makes me want
to go back to a simpler time full of ducktails and hoop skirts and milkshakes. And because I well realize that this wish is impossible, I will settle for the goal of taking more photographs on my parents' slr so that maybe I too can capture a perfect moment, or two.

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