Thursday, January 8, 2009

what comes is better than what came before?

Please tell me when all this missing and pain will go away. I want the day where I'm surrounded by loud voices and louder music and I don't reach for my phone, only to type a message I know I'll never send. I want warm hugs and warmer sleeps and late late late talks and brave open arms and braver loving. I want smiles that can't be washed away and anticipation that the subway can't contain. I want the day to come where I don't wipe away a tear (or two, or three) while surrounded by loud voices and louder music. I want to feel like myself again.


Martha said...

i want to rid my phone of texting and i want facebook to blow up.
it only makes it harder.
but one day out planet will be paradise and the only tears out of our eyes will come because of the sun shining so brightly.

Martha said...

our planet*

lisa said...

yes, technology complicates life but i feel lost without it. how sad. and yes yes yes, i cannot wait for those days. we will celebrate with sangria on a patio somewhere fabulous.