Saturday, January 10, 2009

skinny love

We're not even a month into the season and I've already got myself a case of the winter blahs. I'm suffering so badly that while visiting my great aunt tonight, I suddenly confessed that I want to leave Toronto come September. I refer to this outburst as "sudden" because it is just that. I did not consider a new home in a new city, new street names to learn, a new area code up until that moment. But as I revealed my tentative plan, winter didn't seem so awful anymore. I could imagine myself scaling these snowbanks with newfound purpose and vigor because I'd know that I may not have to come winter '10.

But maybe I just need something to hope for and strive after during the long months to come. Brooklyn came and went too fast. And sometimes the intangible is all one really needs. Or perhaps I really do need to invest in one of those sun lamps. In the meantime though, impromptu photo shoots will carry me through.


Martha said...

apparently the good-light-feeling only lasts for a couple hours.
so would the rise and fall of feeling good make you feel even more awful, since it wouldn't be a consistent happiness?

lisa said...

perhaps! or maybe even worse: you would become addicted to your sun lamp and venture on a downward spiral when it wasn't around! eep!