Sunday, January 25, 2009

on your back with your racks as the stacks as your load

Cathartic? A recipe for disaster? However you want to classify it, starting your day by reading old e-mails from past crushes/loves/whatevers surely leads to an interesting morning. For one, you are instantly transported back to a sometimes simpler but often more confusing time. Your heart thumps again remembering the anticipation that came ___ years ago. You still blush at the words that were written, and the way you responded to them. And you realize the feelings you had for that one boy weren't so unique after all. And happy or sad, this realization follows you around like a lightbulb blinking frantically above your head for the rest of your day.


Martha said...

it's lightning that'll crack the sky, and then crack YOU up.
the one with the real light holds a lamp for your feet, so you don't trip and fall fall faaaalll over.

lisa said...

you're giving me so much hope here lady! xoxo