Friday, July 17, 2009

young hearts spark fire

Tonight three years past hit me in the face. Hard. And with a mean glare to top it all off. I didn't see his face, but he looked just as I remembered from behind.

Tonight I saw a deja-vu but with a different band and in a different city. He was slightly shorter, and had a smaller nose and not such deep bags under his eyes, but it was like being transported back three years without any of the charm and sweetness I once possessed.

I walked home alone and regretful. I'm sure nothing would have happened, but the what if is the worst. What if I had just braved up and said "Hi. I think you're cute. What are you doing later? Nothing? Oh, well how would you like to come home and spoon and play with my cat and listen to records and kiss and take our clothes off and spoon some more and fall asleep to the most perfect night?"

Silly, I know. But what if he had said yes?


Petra said...

Oh El Mad. I'm sure he had syphilis anyway. You are better off without venereal disease. Ahhhh. LIFE.

Lindsay said...