Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sleep all summer

I saw 500 Days of Summer the other night, and despite being a little too precious at times, it still managed to be so true. With a jumpy timeline that perfectly captured the way we (mis)remember and nostalgize the past, it managed to encapsulate the entire course of a relationship. From the initial meeting and those sparks and that yearning to know him, to the beginning where everything is new and hopeful and possible, to the first moments of panic when looks begin to fade and touches don't last as long, to the messy end, and the even messier untangling that follows, 500 Days of Summer got it right.

There's a scene in which Josheph Gordon Levitt's character says to Zooey Deschanel's character "I just want to know when you wake up that you'll feel the same way you did about me the day before," and she simply replies "But nobody can give you that." Sitting in the theatre, I couldn't believe how true and sad those words were. If love's never secure, then what's the point of all that risk and all that potential hurt and all that healing that never fully leaves you the way you were before?

But then there are nights like last Thursday where you aren't even looking but your eyes still manage to catch sight of the boy across the bar. He is beautiful in his white shirt and curly hair, and you haven't been this attracted to someone since him. And so you clumsily try to make conversation and awkwardly try to charm, both of which fail. And even though you know love cannot guarantee or promise anything, you still wish you had company for that long walk home.

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Lindsay said...

i wanna see this SO BAD!