Monday, December 8, 2008

You come running in on platform shoes

This essay will be done in mere days, and after that all I want to do is wrap the prettiest presents and invite friends over for delicious flatbread sandwiches filled with roasted red pepper hummus and feta and sundried tomatoes and another ingredient I haven't quite figured out yet and I want to take long walks in the sun and I want to take more photos and drink more wine and clean this room and re-arrange furniture and play with Kirby and drink more tea and watch movies that remind me of Christmas (Beautiful Girls, Serendipity, While You Were Sleeping) and go ice skating and play in the snow and read the books I want to read and take up sewing and fashion myself a new wardrobe and bake endless cookies and dance to Teen Age Riot in a room lit with Christmas lights.

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dance said...

Try the dance shoes on in the store and walk around for a while. You want to pay attention to how your feet feel in them. If you feel any rubbing against your feet, you don't want to purchase that size or style. This rubbing could cause painful sores that could prevent you from performing at your best.