Friday, December 26, 2008

you better run run run run to me

I rediscovered this song tonight while watching True Blood (which, might I add, is definitely worth checking out, albeit in a not-as-pretty-as-Robert-Pattinson-vampire-story sort of way). This song meant a lot to me a couple years back, and it is still as pretty as I remember it being. And whether it's intended to be or not, I still find it so hopeful and I hope you will, too.


Ashalegah said...

this was in fact a pretty song. me likey. who's it by and wat's the exact title? cuz i tried finding it. but. failed miserably.

and haha. true blood, yeesssss. such a trashily wonderful show. i dont recall ever hearing this on there. im sure i woulve noticed the irony.

Ashalegah said...
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lisa said...

it's called "Girls" by Eleni Mandell and it still gets me everytime!