Monday, March 23, 2009


It's officially spring, which means Toronto summer is thatmuch closer. And because daydreaming is always more fun than essaying, I cannot wait to roll out of a sticky sleep and throw on a purple romper and throw my hair up and walk outside to only sunshine and the bluest sky and walk all the way to Aunties and Uncles in the heat and grab a seat on the patio and order the most delicious brunch and the biggest glass of orange juice and then head towards the water and jump on a ferry and take photos of the prettiest skyline as it becomes smaller and smaller and spread out a beach towel and lie back with a new book and fall asleep in the sun and then return to the book that has now become one of my favourites and eat a strawberry or two and head back on that boat and click away at that skyline just as the sun starts going down because I can never quite capture it just right and then head home and bbq a burger on my deck and sit back with a tall glass of sangria and good conversation and then take another stroll down the street and feel a little dizzy because of the wine and also because it's a perfect summer day and I have not a care in the world and sit on a patio until last call and then walk home without a jacket and fall into bed with a single sheet draped over myself and his arms holding me tight.

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