Sunday, November 30, 2008

put on your stockings baby cause the night's getting cold

Last night was warm and fuzzy and the night before was warm and fuzzy, too, and probably the night before as well and the music was loud and there were flashes of red floating across the walls and it was warm and I danced along with guilty pleasures and sang along with middle school memories and forgot for a moment and it was warm and I saw a couple embrace on a fleeting platform before the dark swallowed me and I was happy for them and parents crowded around windows with cameras clutched in mitts and a tree shone blue for a moment as I passed by and it was warm and I walked alone and it was dark and silent and I walked alone and I burnt my fingers three times and remembered things I wanted to tell but have since forgotten and I tied the biggest bow and I dressed myself in plaid and I fell asleep with a book in my hands and I forgot why I was there and I was warm.

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