Sunday, November 30, 2008

(guilty) pleasures

I know as an English Lit grad student, I should not openly admit to loving Twilight but the cat's out of the bag. Aside from it's horrendous writing and very very VERY problematic elements, the series has captured my attention for the past week (including staying up to 5am one night/morning to see if Bella and Edward would make it). And maybe this is exactly why I love it so. The fantastical love story that does not and could not ever resemble anything close to reality even trumps the Buffy/Angel/Spike triangle. I am easily swept up into a romance of excessive love, albeit shrouded with vampires and werewolves. Plus it doesn't hurt that I picture Robert Pattinson's face emitting from the pages.

Oh, and I love this, too. But no apologies needed in this case:

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