Monday, March 15, 2010

meet me in the city

The city was mine in song this weekend. First there was Joanna Newsom and songs so beautiful they made me feel affected like I was twenty again and hearing her for the first time and they were so perfect I had to stand still with my eyes closed and my breath held tight as two tears fell. Then there was Woods last night and the bar may have been dark and crowded and too tall and too drunk but then they played this song and everything got quiet and the tears didn't fall but they almost did and it felt like last summer but better and I could only think about how happy I was at that moment.

It's been forever since two nights of music were more than enough and so this weekend made me think of these guys and the days and nights when their music was always enough. I remember being fourteen and listening to their songs for the first time and thinking how I'd never been in love but they made me want to and then I remember falling in love with him and thinking how I finally felt the way these songs had always made me feel.

And today was grey until late afternoon when the sun forced its way through for my walk home and my walk home again and the night was dark and quiet but it was the first night that felt like spring and the hope of summer and that feeling was strange and familiar all at once because it's been so long but I love my city the most at the beginning of spring when everything's still possible and so this night and all those songs were like falling in love with that band and him for the first time all over again.


Amy Thibodeau said...

Damn you - why'd you have to make me go and listen to Left and Leaving by the Weakerthans?! That song puts a lump in my throat like no other... Ah the day, and long, long summer nights...

lisa said...

there must be something about the onset of spring that makes me extra nostalgic for them.

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The Sleeping Eye Mask said...

I live in Sydney and was just in Toronto two weeks ago as part of a huge trip across SE Asia- loved it! You Canadians must be the only people more relaxed than Australians and wayy more friendlier!