Monday, August 10, 2009

oh, you've got a twisted tongue

The other night, I was brave. I approached and asked questions and made small talk and maybe even cracked a joke (or two, or three!). I stood outside in the rain at a corner that is still so familiar, and I was aware of him standing nearby. I said goodbye and left, only to stall at a green light and get wetter by the second. I shifted back and forth and back and forth before running back to that familiar corner.

"Do you guys want to grab a drink with us?"

"We have to load up first, but if we still feel up to it afterwards then forsure. Where are you going?"

"Just across the street over there." I point.

"Over there?"


"Okay, cool. Maybe we'll see you later then."

"Bye!" I wave a parting over my shoulder.

I never saw him after that, but that is okay because for that moment, in the rain, at 1:30 on an August night, I suddenly had only my racing heart and not a care in the world. On stage he had mouthed along with his eyes closed, and in that instant I knew I needed to know him. And know him I did. It may have been for a mere moments as opposed to the hours I so imagined, but I was brave and I knew him and that is all that I needed the other night.


Martha said...

you've got everything going for you and you've got nothing to regret!
i wish you'd write a novel one day!

Amanda said...

Lisa, you have a truly beautiful narrative voice.