Tuesday, August 25, 2009

another girl another planet

The other day I watched the sky turn from blue to black and open wide in anger. The road became a river and I watched as someone's trash transformed into a boat and floated away. There was a rumble deep within, and flashes that lit everything grey for a moment or two, and I got wet just from standing near the door. I watched a man fall down and I watched umbrellas turn inside-out and back again. But then I watched as the river slowed and as the black suddenly glowed yellow and that street, this city, was new, and waking, and goddamn yellow, and bursting.

This song makes me feel like the past months of rumbles and falling down and cracking skies are receding like a river turning back into a road because this song is so happy and so hopeful that all I want to do is dance and be forever new and waking and goddamn bursting come September.

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Martha said...

i'm tapping the microphone and I just wanna say.. "FUCKKK YEAHHHHH!"