Monday, June 22, 2009

you're such a pretty pretty pretty

Lately, I've been elsewhere.

I've been biking down tree lined streets (and not into even one bush!) in Tokyo. I've been grocery shopping in Montreal in the prettiest dress I have yet to find. I've been walking up walk-ups in Brooklyn. I've been drinking in Berlin and drinking coffee (as if!) in Paris. I've been falling in love in London. And I've fallen in love with Tokyo and Montreal and Brooklyn and Berlin and Paris and London and wherever else my dreams settle for a day, or two.

But this past weekend, it was impossible to imagine, or want to be, elsewhere. This city finally felt like mine again. We crammed ourselves into the corner of a favourite patio and drank as the sun set and drank some more after that. We braved the rain and celebrated streets the best way possible (through our taste buds, of course). We shook our fists at that rain and danced instead. We reunited at every street corner. We danced some more. We brunched and recapped and explored new streets that made me feel like I was visiting this city for the very first time and falling in love all over again. And we topped it all off with 1/2 mint and 1/2 oreo gelato.

So how can I go elsewhere when there are roots here. Roots that are strong and deep and wrap me up in the most perfect hug when I begin to think elsewhere could even ever be possible.

Toronto, you are such a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty girl.

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