Saturday, June 13, 2009

the motherland

How do you describe an entire country in a few photos and poorly placed together words? It's a rather daunting and ultimately impossible task, and not one I will undertake here. All I can say is this: to me, during those two weeks away, Japan was a country composed of order and politeness and beautiful bluegrey draped shirts and high heels always and okonomiyaki and onigiri and crowds and bows and everything cute and green everywhere and lots of beauty and as I descended into Toronto the sun was streaming hard through the windows and I looked out and saw my favourite skyline below and it looked so small it didn't seem real but it was still beautiful in a different sort of way and even though I was glad to be back and even though the sun was streaming so hard, I couldn't help but let a tear (or two) land as the plane did as well.

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