Friday, May 8, 2009

you blew fire in my heart when i was frowned

April may be the cruelest month, but May has always been my favourite. Although it falls mid-year, to me, May has always been synonymous with fresh starts. It's the first month that feels like spring always. It's during May that one day, while walking home late at night, you realize for the first time how the city, your city, has finally and fully awakened. You are greeted with streets shaded by the greenest leaves and the prettiest blossoms. It's a sight that is familiar and new all at once, for even though you've seen the city in this perfect state for the past twenty-two years, you always seem to forget it after months spent hibernating. May was also always a return home after a school year spent away. It was expectance and anticipation. And even though circumstances have forced me to hibernate from the month so far, May remains lightness and hope.

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