Monday, September 21, 2009

summer turned into september

My summer came and went in the past three weeks. Each day seemed sunnier than the last, and with the sun came long walks home and a bouquet of flowers and more park-sits than the previous three months saw and a flower in my hair and all those gentle people there. Sometimes the sun shon so bright it burst yellow and the sky looked coloured by my favourite shade of blue that I had to stop and aim my camera up up up to hold onto the hope of it all. And this hope carried late into the night when the temperatures said it was no longer summer but the beer swimming around inside said otherwise and messages were sent and phones vibrated in response and I saw him through the dark and my bed was suddenly occupied again and maybe backs were rubbed and maybe spoons were made and maybe that's all it was and maybe I got the summer I was waiting for but didn't even know I wanted.

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Martha said...

"maybe spoons were made", i love that depiction.
expecting the unexpected really did a number, i have to say!