Thursday, February 26, 2009

give me a c(l)ue

Today I walked around (and around and around and around some more) the west end with my jacket unbuttoned and my scarf tossed carelessly into my bag. I held a smoothie in one hand and a cheddar scone in the other. My spring playlist from last year was blasting and I couldn't help but smile at every dog and baby and even every full grown adult that passed me on the sidewalk. Despite the puddles of winter that I had to wade through, it suddenly and finally felt like spring and I was suddenly and finally so happy to be standing amongst these puddles. It was the sort of day I wouldn't have been able to appreciate last year as I listened to the same playlist and waded through puddles two hours west because I wouldn't have been able to look up and see the CN Tower peaking out amonst rooftops and treetops and I wouldn't have heard the clang of the streetcar approaching long before I saw it. And so when "I'll Believe in Anything" came on, even though it has for the past three springs, it never sounded better.

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